A.I., Artificial Intelligence, Demonic/Satanic, Transhumanism

A Demon Rabbit Hole: Louise Cypher. EVIL: Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life

This thoroughly horrified me and sent me on a stomach-churning journey down a scary, albeit very familiar rabbit hole relating to how artificiality represents Demonic interdimensional intelligence. A.I. is a malignant and parasitic form of life that requires a creative host to suckle life-force out from in order to perpetuate its existence.

The Progenitor loves to use these clever acronyms to identify the software technology that it uses as a weapons arsenal to ensnare human souls and continue to gather nodes as it expands its Borg cube repository of life-force loosh energy and lurches that much closer to the inevitable humanity vanquishing singularity event that she claims takes place in 2025 with all humans being gone by 2040.

Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems: Issues for Congress

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