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Celebutard Kobe Bryant “kept to himself”… Code for “never actually existed”. Just another fabricated character in our Clownworld. Is now Myles Garrett. | Brittney Griner Is A MAN Named TYGA‼️ Or at the very least, DEF a man…

I’m glad more and more members of our community are honing in on this very important characteristic of our Clownworld and how all celebrities, politicians and any other publicly-presented figures are fabricated characters who never existed as real people and who’s existence has been designed and adapted specifically for their theatrical featured production of deception known as the “world stage”. Nothing is real. The joke’s always been on us.

I think Kobe now plays the character of NFL TE Myles Garrett. As far as Tyga playing the part of Britney Griner, Tyga is not 6 foot 9, so not sure where that came from. But “she” is most certainly a “he”. That much is obvious.

Source: Fakeologist.com via Fakeotube.com

Celebutard “kept to himself”


Try it for any of the world stage actors and be amazed.

Where do all these world stage loosh sinks come from?

All of them have mysterious backgrounds, likely because they are intelligence in vitro babies created to fulfil a world stage role.

Since they are carefully engineered, they’re kept away from the regular herd to grow strong and programmed.

That’s why their family history and backgrounds are kept secret and full of red herring rabbit trails that go nowhere.

Brittney Griner Is A MAN Named TYGA‼️

Oh yeah, and they are not just characters, but also gender-inverted characters. Just to make the joke that much more intense and of course as a nod to the Baphomet and the androgynous nature of the Fallen Angels.

Conscious X has done a lot of great research on this subject and has even managed to snag the attention of several of the actual “celebrities” themselves. His GF Divine Sadé has a channel on the same subject matter which is also pretty good. And I can’t leave out the HollywoodFakers channel by Donald Rumsfeld from back in the day. Shocked to see those videos still up. I need to archive these channels.

Tamara approaches the subject from a slightly different angle.

Ed Chiarini aka Dallasgoldbug was the original original researcher/author to expose this paradigm. I’m glad to see him back with a new channel. We shall see how long he lasts on piece of shit tube.


  1. I agree that this is a key point that a lot of truthers don’t grapple with seriously enough. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be saying things like “this or that celebrity was murdered for speaking out against their handlers,” etc. A “celeb death” = a new role, new mask, new assignment. Period. Amazing how far back this goes too, apparently.

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