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The Ashli Babbitt Capitol Hill Staged Deception Psyop

Glad to see more people finally starting to point this out. I felt fairly isolated on the top of the hill I was screaming on after all this January 6th nonsense went down, not understanding how more people couldn’t see just how staged the Babbit incident, and everything else about that day truly was and how Babbit was an obvious military intelligence plant and actor-agent-provacateur just like everyone else who was let inside and given their guided tour of the Capitol building that day. It was as ritualistic as it was strategically division-sowing. Some have even gone as far as coining it an Unholy Coronation of the AntiChrist.

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Source: WinterWatch.com | Speaking Truth to Power | By. Russ Winter

The Ashli Babbitt Capitol Hill Staged Deception Psyop

February 16, 2023 Russ Winter

IMAGE: Business Insider

Over two years after the purported shooting of one Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol, the case has been closed with no details provided and no revelations as to who the shooter was. This, on its face, makes zero sense. We don’t even know where she was transported and treated.

The Wall Street Journal merely reported, “She was transported to a local hospital where all lifesaving efforts failed. She was pronounced deceased.”

Ashli Babbitt was a 14-year military veteran who served four tours with the U.S. Air Force and was a high level security official throughout her time in service. Babbitt served in the U.S. Air Force under the name of Ashli Elizabeth McEntee.

Coroner (name redacted) would have weighed the body and put it at 5’3 -150 pounds. There is no way she was that much of a porker. The beach photo below was taken in June, 2019. The videos of her on Jan. 6, 2021 don’t combine with a heavy girl.

Newlyweds Aaron and Ashli Babbitt

McEntee was the surname of her first husband of many years. They divorced in May 2019. She married Aaron Babbitt, a former U.S. Marine, the following month. Veterans Aaron and Ashli had a pool service business in San Diego, according to reports.

She left active duty in April 2008 and served in the Air Force Reserve from 2008 to 2010 and then served in the Air National Guard until 2016, according to records.

Although she was described as a mentor to others, she didn’t rise to become a noncommissioned officer after years in the reserves and National Guard, according to official records.

Babbitt was with the 113th Security Forces Squadron. She served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Air Force before other deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar.

The Air Force initially said Babbitt’s Guard service ended in November 2016. When Babbitt separated, she was with the 113th Security Forces Squadron of the D.C. Air National Guard.

Her former unit was mobilized to protect the Capitol during the Jan. 6 demonstrations.

The Air Force gets her service dates wrong. The Air National Guard said she was a guardsman from July 2010 to July 2016. There is an overlap with her Air Force dates and her employment at Exelon’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant from 2015 to 2017. It’s unclear what her job was at the plant.

It looks like Babbitt was sheepdipped in 2016. This is where the military pretends to separate you, but you secretly still work for it — in Babbitt’s career, to a security or counterintelligence role.

Almost immediately, this exemplary military veteran started exhibiting running foul of the law undisciplined behaviors. According to court records, two restraining orders were issued against her over a year, although they don’t provide details on who requested the order.

She also was charged in Maryland that year for “willful motor vehicle damage without the owner’s consent” but was found not guilty. She was charged again in 2016 with reckless endangerment, for which she was found not guilty, and malicious destruction of property, for which she was acquitted, that same year, court records show. In 2019, she had a complaint filed against her for aggressive driving that was thrown out based on a lack of jurisdiction, the court records show.

In October 2016, Babbitt opened a Twitter account and, wouldn’t you know it“… includes retweets and comments supportive of conspiracy theories. The account also shared posts against wearing face masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus. On Dec. 9, responding to a news report of an underground party being broken up in Los Angeles, she tweeted that Covid-19 was a joke.”

Then, out of the blue, Babbitt became a die-hard Trump and QAnon supporter.

In a recent posting, she included the hashtag #WWG1WGA, or Where We Go 1 We Go All, a slogan associated with QAnon.”  

Yes, that’s the ticket.

MAGA posing

Oddly, the erratic, “unpredictable” Babbitt also voted for Obama and opined, ”Obama did great things …I think he jacked some s— up,” she wrote in November 2018, “but I think he did do a lot of good.”

Her grandfather said he was perplexed by her Trump support and didn’t know the reason for it.

”She’s passionate about everything, particularly Donald Trump for some reason,” he said.

On Jan. 6 and in the days prior to her death, she posted on social media comments about going to the Capitol to #StopTheSteal.

Was Babbitt a “patsy” like Oswald?

Babbitt builds her “crazy” pro-Trump cover and, like Oswald did with pro-Castro propaganda, gets swerved into an inexplicable and non-investigated shooting incident for show in the Capitol building.

Ashli’s husband Aaron was also at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, near the front line that pushed through the lobby and into the corridors, as the following 44-minute video shows. Starting at around minute 17:00, he’s the bald man with a beard that comes forward to talk to police. Ashli doesn’t appear to be in the area. Later, at around minute 38:00, you see her shot. Her husband was no where to be seen as she lay on the floor.

In the end, she was technically the only person to have been “killed” on Capitol Hill that day, as the narratives surrounding other “killings” broke down and were revealed as merely unintentional or natural deaths.

Here is the clip of this prop job. We are now led to believe that the cold-blooded gunning down of an unarmed woman in the eyes of the “Dept. of Justice” isn’t worth a hill of beans.

And, finally, where’s the civil suit? A jury wouldn’t find this actionable, if it was real?

Further analysis of anomalies and inconsistencies.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v2cndoq-ashley-babbit-shooting-inconsistencies.html

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