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Thoth the Baboon With the Ankh Moonkey Who Holds Dominion Over the Parasitic Reproductive Ankh Eggs and Represents the Magnetic Pull of the False Light Experienced Upon Death

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VIDEO: the monkey is thoth the evil false light, the MOON KEY – laura l.

similar to Loki, or every representation of soemthgin that holds the 2 snakes, he is notthe sun but usurped dominion above note how he is over her reproductive organs, her eggs (ankh) he stole it and spliced in abomiantions that parastie iff the sight of parah (the inner eye) she took her milk (adrenal crhome, pineal gland, blood) etc.. that is how they get their “wings” they are the snakes teh souless ones who were simply physical with emitions they wield but feel no actual natural human emotion truly, nor can they really imagine but what has been realocated to them

I’ve become quite enamored with laura l., the creator of the above video. I find her captivating and alluring. She is filled with her own unapologetic and unique eccentric banter that have an eager propensity to appreciate in both form and function. I don’t relate to most people, but she seems to be an exception and I’m thankful to my sub Karen for putting me on to her channel. She definitely could be coined as the female YBD. She is also the one responsible for me making the following connections relating to the Moonkey.

“THOTH also known as “Hermes” [Greek], “Mercury” [Roman], “Tehuti,” “Ningishzidda,” and “Quetzalcoatl” [Central America].

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Discovering that Thoth was also depicted both as and with a type of monkey(a Baboon), I knew I had stumbled upon more Moonkey clues. Thoth is heavily associated with the cool and piercing false light of the Moon which tries to lure you into its clutches via love bombs, guilt trips and false promises at the time of death all in order to ultimately recycle your soul back into the Saturn Moon Matrix. The Forever Concious Research channel has an extensive archive of documented near death experiences that expose this phenomenon of the False Light entity.

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In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams: Dark vs (false) Light.

Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners within the demiurge, as long as everyone involved is under its spell. What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team.

Source: The False Light – Stars ends Unite.

Thoth is also depicted holding the Ankh KEY with the crescent Moon situated above him with the Baboon monkey seated beside or below him.

The Baboon in ancient Egypt is known as a “soul feeder” of sorts in the afterlife and can be found depicted on the tomb walls of Egyptian rulers feeding fruit to their soul as a means of satiating and nourishing their life force long after death.

You can see statues depicting this Baboon with the same Moon crescent above it’s head that Thoth is seen with.

“No more monkey business!“. -12 MONKEYS

We know that the Pacman Plasma Moon is featured as a soul consumer and imprisoner of sorts. So I suspect an obvious connection here. The “monkey’s business” is to shovel souls into the outstretched mouth of the Pacman Moon. Extracting the loush from the human souls within its grasp.

You can also see Thoth depicted on his Moon crescent shaped boat encapsulated by a serpent. We see this same exact motif in a staggering number of other cultures from around the world who were never supposed to have come in contact with one another to transmute into each other’s cultural and religious purview such a specific and obtuse representation of this serpentine enclosure of sorts. It’s quite the anomaly in itself. In my opinion, this symbology represents the soul imprisoning substrate of our human-reptoid hybrid meat suits that have been designed by the parasite hivemind entity to host our souls within while imprisoned here on the surface of Clownworld for the duration of our sentence.

You can even see representations in the form of relief carvings at Dendera Temple in Egypt that depict the genetic experimentation that took place in order to design the current reptoid-absconded version of humanity. The whole “Ancient Alien light bulb” angle that I’m sure you’ve all heard repeated at nauseum by now on various TV programs is just a diversionary PsyOp courtesy of the New Age knuckleheads that are always featured on The History Channel.

The Ankh key is also associated with fertility and the godess Isis.

The ankh meaning was associated by Wallis Budge with the Egyptian symbol tjet, or “knot of Isis,”; It was a ceremonial belt considered to signify female genitalia and fertility.

Egyptian Ankh Symbol – United Egyptian Tours

I need to watch the series “Moon Knight” again for even more clues.

Please keep in mind that this was nothing more than a very hasty and superficial observation that I recently made and I need to do much more in depth research to get a more coherent handle on the true nature of this apparent Moonkey related connection that I believe I’ve made here. Whether or not I really have any kind of useful understanding as to what this Moonkey actually represents is up for debate. But I do know that it’s wildly important in the scheme of things and I will continue my outstretched intellectual speculative guessing game for as long as is needed to decode the secrets of this world and being wrong along the way is part of the process and is not something I fear. Remaining trapped within this prison planet at the whim of a parasitic interdimensional entity is the only thing I fear at this point. Escaping Clownworld is a must.

Welcome to Mythology Explained. Today, discussing the Egyptian God Thoth. Here’s what’s in store: a god who called out to the semen of two other gods; a god who recorded if the heart of each and every dead person was lighter than the feather of truth; a god who created the moon to illuminate the night; and finally, a god who summoned ingested semen to a god’s forehead where said semen gains the appearance of the sun. Let’s get into it. Thoth was depicted as having the head of an ibis, which is a long-beaked, wading bird. He came to be the god of learning, wisdom, and all vocations that centered on either the pursuit of knowledge or record keeping, but originally, he was a lunar deity; and as such, his sphere of influence included the passage of time (for which the waxing and waning of the moon was a key marker) and the cyclical passage of the seasons. The part of divine judge was another of his responsibilities, and throughout the entire ancient Egyptian mythos, Thoth is shown to be a staunch supporter of both Horus and Osiris, advocating for them on numerous occasions. Like many gods from long-defunct pantheons, Thoth’s lineage, or genesis, is more than a little ambiguous, meaning that there are a multitude of competition origin stories. Here are the more salient versions that have survived through to today: Thoth being the son of RA, the sun god; Thoth being born out of the side of set’s head after set was tricked into eating some of Horus’ semen; and Thoth being the first god to emerge from the primordial mound and, thus, the primary figure in one version of the Egyptian creation myth. Thoth’s province was the entire spectrum of human knowledge. Scribes especially maintained a deep affinity for Thoth. All scientific knowledge was said to be held in the sacred books in the house of life, and included in them, was the book of Thoth, which comprised 42 papyrus scrolls and was written by the god himself. One of the main parts that Thoth played in the myths of ancient Egypt was his maintaining of law and order when night fell. Ra, the sun god and the first king, had grown old and tired. He relinquished his crown and ascended into the sky, but up high, now ensconced on his celestial boat, what Ra observed below troubled him. People had turned on each other; fighting had broken out; and everyone was looking for someone else to blame for the departure of the sun. To stop the chaos below, Ra did two things: he installed a successor, his first born, the god Shu (air), to rule in his stead, and secondly, Ra deputized Thoth to act with his own authority during the night. Thoth was tasked with upholding law and order, bestowing mankind with the gift of writing, and illuminating the night sky, the last of which he accomplished by creating the moon. Thoth was a stalwart defender of Horus, and he remained so throughout Horus’ decades-long conflict with set, in which they relentlessly competed for the throne. His most notable contribution was in the events that followed set’s rape of Horus. set forced himself upon Horus while he slept, and then, the following day, set rushed off to the divine council to boast to the other gods about what he had done. But in the intervening time, many things happened of which set was not apprised. Horus was not actually filled with set’s seed. He caught it in his hand, which Isis then chopped off and cast into the nile. (Don’t worry, though: Isis used her magic to later restore Horus’ hand.) The second thing that happened was that some of Horus’ own seed was put on the favourite lettuce plants that set ate each morning, impregnating him. …Watch the video for the rest!
Terracotta relief of the goddess Astarte (Inanna) standing on two animals.
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