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Uncanny Deduction’s Response Into My Latest Moonkey Post: “⚫ This world is made for the fallen angel and it’s supposed to be like that – God loves him the most -“

YOUTUBE: This world is made for the fallen angel and it’s supposed to be like that – God loves him the most -UNCANNY DEDUCTION

I guess Kristofer is right and that I should make a video with accompanying narration that presents my Moonkey findings in a more coherent format instead of just continuing to post my vague and cryptic articles that only a handful of people on Earth are able to make any kind of sense of. Up until now my blogging has been very much a selfish endeavor and mental exercise designed as a means of obtaining and hoarding important information about the secrets of the world and the nature of reality for myself and was not necessarily designed for general consumption or with others in mind. Though I’m not sure it will ever be and I’ve “been there and done that” as far as attempting to get more people to pay attention to these kinds of things, only to have my face spat in and/or ignored and presented with Zombie-like blank stares upon the presentation of my case(e.g. my failed attempts to stop my family, friends and co-workers from getting the jabadabadoo). But nevertheless, there is certainly more I can do to make this very important information more accessible to more people and I’ve been meaning to put out videos for a while now anyway, so this is a good inflection point and time to do so and plus I have a lot of respect for Kristofer and what’s he’s brought to the table and to the forefront in regards to these very obscure and often uncomfortable and many regards even unfathomable theoretic posturings on what the true nature of our fractalized Clownworld and Demiurge bootleg reality matrix cube or Divoc box might actually be. The matrix clearly doesn’t want me to hear what he has to say since YT has seriously unsubscribed me from his channel probably 2 dozen times by now. I’ve had to resort to using a 3rd party YouTube app just to keep my subscription status to his channel in tact. Check back within the next week or 2 for a comprehensive Moonkey presentation. Might as well write a damn book on it also at this point.

Response to Jerry and his latest blog article about the moonkey. Jerry has written another great article on the Moonkey phenomena. It’s very interesting and as I see it, it shows how an ancient Egyptian Baboon (a monkey) god wrote the Emerald tablet (together with Hermes). This is big NEWS to me, and has major implications… So far most of us know that Hermes wrote the Emerald tablet, but apparently also Thoth the monkey god did (god of the moon). This explains the caduceus ☤ ⚚⚕ … Because the Moonkey holds the keyhole and the keyhole is the moon. Furthermore this implicates that the moon indeed symbolizes a Pineal gland. I’ve told him to start making videos. I’ll let you know as soon as he does. Here is his article:…
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