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🎶”Guess Who’s Back, Guess Who’s Back, Guess Who’s Baaaaack?”🎶 WELCOME BACK JERRY KOTTER. I Was Unexpectedly Let Out of Twitter Jail This AM Even After Being Told My Account Would NEVER Be Reinstated!!! 🤪😁🤣 Just in Time for the Moonkey Video…🤔

My GF kinda freaked out and made me take down the original picture of me and the Beibs in case you’re wondering what happened with that.

If I could embed background music into this blog post I would be playing the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme music on a loop. A theme song for a sitcom that ironically has Saturn Moon Matrix/soul trap insinuations encoded into it according to my guy Grimnasty.

Welcome back.. Cott-er!!! What Is The “REAL” Saturn Moon Matrix? | The False Light “We Tease Ya Alot Because We Gotcha On The Spot Welcome Baaaaack!” You Got DeJaVu HAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN? If You’re Asleep, or on Ice, you might be a Kot-ter. (Cot)

But yeah, HECK yeah!! I woke up this morning to email informing me that my Twitter account had been un-suspended after having been booted off nearly 9 months ago! I honestly can’t even believe it. Unfortunately they didn’t reinstate the accounts of the 7k plus followers of mine who were kicked to the curb during the Trump purges, but I’m happy to have my own little mini crew of misfits back into my life to engage with and to share my wild musings and theories with. And all JUST in time for my YouTube debut and premiere of the Moonkey presentation. Coincidence? I think not. This was a clear and present message from the aether in my opinion. The universe has unfolded and opened itself up to accommodate the disturbance that my Moonkey revelations are bound to trigger. 😜 Ok… that might be a bit dramatic, but I am genuinely shocked to see Twitter take the time to review my months old appeals and then approve my reinstatement so suddenly and out of the blue like that. The last time I had sent them any kind of appeal email was in August of 2022. Elon must be desperate to get as many genuine human beings as he can back onto the platform after his audit of the company ended up revealing just how many accounts were either bots or actor-agent-provacateur handles controlled by special interest and/or intelligence agency groups. As you can see from the last response that I was given from the Twitter appeals department, I was told that my account would NEVER be reinstated and that all future appeals would be ignored. Whatever dumbass who wrote that have surely since got their asses fired.

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