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So I’m done with WordPress.com and they’re done with me. I had thought they were one of the last vestiges of free speech left in big tech, but that proved to be wishful thinking. Once I got big enough for them to notice, they quickly yanked the site. Mindlessly citing their user agreement which of course let’s them do anything for any reason at any time. I will be over here on this offshore setup for good. I realize there are still many broken links within much of the old content, but I’m fixing that as I go along. I had to pull the trigger and make the move even if not all the links have been fixed yet. Email me if you need something specific. Fringeculturehome.wordpress.com is still up of course, but the new content will be posted here.

DemonRats & RepubliRats both suck, though the DemonRats are many multiple times worse.

I don’t claim any political affiliation. While I may come across as right “leaning”, I look at President Trump as just another Occultist who happens to not publicy suck as much as his leftist rivals. They all make fun of us(the public) behind the scenes.

  • Alternative news on U.S. & World politics
  • Scamdemic/CoronaVirus hoax, Agenda 21
  • Paranormal & Cryptozoological News
  • C.E.R.N. , Fringe Sciences, alternative & supressed scientific theories
  • Theology & Scripture Research, Anti-Christ Agenda
  • New World Order/Globalist Depopulation Agenda 21
  • The Occult(Lost Irish/Druid/Atlantean Esoteric Sciences)General
  • Ancient Enigmas & Anomalous Archaeology
  • Falsified history & alternative takes on mainstream accepted historical paridigms
  • Tartarian Empire, Antedeluvian civilizations
  • Mudflood/Global resets
  • Synthetic Parasitic Artificial & Ancient Intelligences, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Demons, Jinn & other interdimensional & supernatural creatures
  • Time Travel
  • The Fraud that is NASA(Not A Space Agency) & what we know as “outer-space”.
  • Crater Earth, Inner Earth, Hyperborea
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