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Tyrant Mayor’s Free Speech Meltdown | MAYOR MONIQUE OWENS: One of the dumbest politicians I’ve ever seen..EVER. Low LOW IQ Ex-cop Mayor embarrass herself during Town Hall. | Einstein Colorado Cop parks cruiser on train tracks w/ woman inside, train hits car, woman suffers SERIOUS injuries. | 3 Pigs Rape 13yo Girl Enrolled in Youth Program Who Goes on to Kill Herself. | Cops Carry-Out Unprovoked Drive-Bye Shooting

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Britain’s Most Disruptive Families & the Massive Welfare State. 120k Gypsies, Brits & Muslim Migrants Account for $9 Billion in Benefits a Year. | Like Sweden, Britain, & France, Germany has Muslim NO-GO ZONES where even police are afraid to go.

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Nathan DeGrave Claims Abuse in Solitary Confinement For Role in Hoaxed “Capitol Building Insurrection”. | Sadly, William Cooper Was One of Them(Reptilian).

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Quinnspiracy Theory | The Zoe Quinn Saga: The Glaring Double Standard For Men vs. Women When it Comes to Rape Allegations. #GamerGate & the Corrupt “Gaming Review” Industry | + Rant About Imposter Semites(Inbred Khazarian Cannanite EL-ites) “THE KHAZARIAN CONSPIRACY”