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‘LMFAO, Hogg takes the L!’ David Hogg’s mea-culpa thread on his QUITTING the progressive pillow biz accidentally hilarious

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Project Zyphr: Classified Docs Reveal Plan to EXTERMINATE Millions of Dissident Americans. David Goldbergs Final Words Before His Death. ANOTHER PSYOP?

2020 Election, Anti-Christ, Armageddon, Assassination Attempt, Civil War Alert, Coup d'état Against Trump, Crisis Actors, Deep State, Demonic, DemonRats, False Flag, Global Reset, Great Deception, Gun Grabbers, Illuminati, New World Order Agenda, NWO, Q is a psyop, Satanists, WW3

GOP FAKE RESISTANCE. TOO LITTLE TO LATE? THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE REPUBLIC | Has This All Been One Big Diversionary PsyOp to Allow China to Execute a Full Takeover of the U.S.? | One Great Planned Reset. One Party to Rule Them All