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The EndTimes Role of the Aliens (and Their Alien Chief) – The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav, p 5

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Breaking the Saturn Matrix & Exposing the False Ancient gods of the Demiurge | Ahriman: The ‘Devil’ of Ancient and Medieval Zoroastrianism | The Incarnations of Lucifer Christ & Ahriman

#COVIDIOTS, #Scamdemic, 2nd Amendment, Civil War Alert, Coronascam, Coronavirus, Crisis Actors, Don't Tread on Me, FEMA Death Camps, Forced Vaccines, Freedom, Genocide, Global Reset, Guillotines, Gun Grabbers, Illuminati, Intelligence Community Actor-Agent Provocateurs, New World Order Agenda, NWO, Orwellian, The Black Awakening, WW3

Project Zyphr: Classified Docs Reveal Plan to EXTERMINATE Millions of Dissident Americans. David Goldbergs Final Words Before His Death. ANOTHER PSYOP?