Unfortunately for you, I am longer on after getting banned multiple times because of dummyheads like those of you who tried clicking on my “Report” button, thinking it would give you recourse for whatever it was I wrote that you didn’t like. You have none.
Individuals who try to flag content because they may not like or agree with the opinions and/or claims of the author, are nothing but low-life snitch simpletons that represent everything that’s wrong with our victimhood-procuring, offense-taking, social justice-seeking, identity politics-obsessed, God-loathing, post-modernism-indoctrinated, secular savage-laden society.
There is no one left who cares in the slightest about what you have to say. No one you can to snitch-on me to. No one to field your useless concerns or cringy complaints. No one to hear your shrieks, your assinine opinions or your whiney lies. You’re just going to have to take it. For those of you who I’ve been forced to expose thus far, I promise that it’s only going to get worse for you from here on out.
Whatever it was that I wrote that you’re so butt hurt about, you can be sure that I will continue to write about it with reckless abandon and there is nothing you can do about it. Go down to South America and see what my hosting provider has to say. They wipe their asses with U.S. subpoenas. You think they are going to care about what some con-artist from the truther community or mindlessly obedient lamestream shill has to say about a blog post they didn’t like? Go ahead. Tell them you take offense to someone daring to expose the truth about your low-life ways. That you’re upset that you’ve been exposed as the societal bacteria infection that you are.
You deserve everything that’s coming to you. I’m the least of your worries.
I’ll be watching you…
You can join the list of shills, snitches, secular savages, atheistic zombies, mainstream apologists, libtards, Covidiots, disinformation actor-agenr-provacateurs and overall plain useless & mindlessly obedient low-life internet scum that make up the below list:
CHILDREN’S CRUSADE(Pedo group masquerading as anti-child abuse organization) & PENTAGON PEDOPHILE TASK(LARP created by Field McConnell & Timothy Charles Holmseth) FORCE CON-ARTISTS:
  • Timothy Charles Holmeseth (admitted pedo)
  • Field McConnell▶️/Abel Danger“The Field Report” (admitted pedo)
  • David Zublick▶️ | TruthUnsealed (collaborator/apologist)
  • CirstenW▶️ | The Truth Channel (collaborator/apologist)
  • Sarah Westall▶️ (collaborator/apologist)
  • Defango▶️ (collaborator/apologist)
  • Kurt Pendergrass of E-clause▶️ (collaborator/apologist)
  • Juan O’Savin (YouTube) | Claims to be JFK Jr. & is dismantling the Deep State | LINK
  • Gene Decode (Twitter) | Claims to be a military insider in the Qanon community | LINK
  • Jeff Daugherty (YouTube) | Jesuit shill & division antagonist | LINK
  • Amazing Atheist (YouTube) | Anti-Christian mainstream Hollywood shill | LINK
  • James Houston Turner (Twitter) | Covidiot & mindlessly obedient libtard | LINK
  • Popcorned Planet (YouTube) | Hollywood apologist, Tom Hanx shill | LINK
  • David Pakman | (YouTube) Libtard & leftstream media super-shill | LINK | LINK
  • Corey Goode & David Wilcock | New Age/Alien Agenda disinformation agents | LINK
  • Gaige Grosskreutz | Left-wing militant & post-modern shill. Attempted murderer | LINK
  • Jacob Marshall | Associate of Gaige Grosskreutz & radical leftist super-shill | LINK
  • Young Pharaoh | Mainstream sanctioned hate spewer and bald-faced liar. | LINK

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