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Forwarded from Sean
That's a very interesting story and I've been meaning to come back to it if you're still around.

Given the Shiva the destroyer statue and videos of them having strange rituals out the front of the CERN facility and its veiled 666 logo, I think it's more of a demonic or extra dimensional portal they're working on – I don't think they're doing much with subatomic particles that exist for a trillionth of a second I think that's probably just fake stuff for the public. You can't justify spending billions on that. They're also creating new facilities around the world and I believe they are extra portals to bring in even more demons here there and everywhere

If your zig zag visions on mushrooms are true, is there anything more you can say about these beings? Their origin, their form, their intention, their psychic makeup?

They seem deceptive clown like trickster like of course is that a part of their evolutionary makeup? And no, they don't want you delving into their motivation for being here.

My interest is academic only
Forwarded from K S
You've given me some topics I have to research. Thank you for the info. The whole borg concept from Star Trek sounds like it may have been predictive programming.

So about ayahuasca: Have you partaken? If not, I am curious what the source of your interest is. My experience of the extra dimensional entities was that they were, yes, more or less zig zags and linear geometric designs which gave the impression of eyes watching me. They seemed to dance somehow and were taunting me. They didn't explicitly speak but seemed to be taunting me about my curiosity about the universe.... sort of like "stick to your safe zone little girl. You can't handle this." It left me with a disturbing feeling and I felt unnerved by aliens for the first time in my life. Because I realized that aliens are not just material beings inhabiting some far flung planet.

You've got me going down a Saturn rabbit hole at the moment.

Don't know what Ultron is so will have to look it up.

My issue with gnosticism is its emphasis on the evilness of the earth and of our bodies, our humanity. I know from the religious experience I had with ayahuasca that the earth is holy, a manifestation of the Holy Mother, whom I believe is the Holy Spirit. By the way, there is a Gospel of the Hebrews that is widely considered as having been written by the disciple Matthew (same Matthew considered as having written the Gospel of Matthew) and so at the same time or possibly before the canonical gospels. In it Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as his Mother. Gives new meaning to the concept of being "born again" and being "born of the Spirit" as well as to the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit/Mother).

I believe that at CERN they are trying to reenact the first few instants of the creation of the universe, when the enormous amount of energy excited particles out of the void. So they are colliding particles at incredibly high speeds to get enough energy to excite novel particles out of the void. I can understand the desire to do that but investigating the void from which matter appears to manifest... it has a lot of spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical associations and possible ramifications because the void seems like it could be a portal to other dimensions. Fascinating how it seems to have a preexisting structure to it that things can be energetically excited out of. I think this is the area of quantum field theory. I'm sure the cabal or oligarchs, as you call them, heavily fund and manage these frontier areas of research but I think most of the physicists actually doing the research are normal people. One of the guys who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize in physics for studying quantum entanglement was subsequently blacklisted for stating that he doesn't believe in climate change. So they aren't all under cabal control.
Forwarded from Sean
Very interesting info, thank you, I'm always looking for that kind of info

The ayahuasca entities are often seen as tricksters grinning clowns Nephilim you get the idea I've got a whole series on that I just don't want to flood the channel. Also seen with black and white stripes and zig zags

Borg are characters written into Star Trek who assimilate every single species they come across in the universe without exception

Their spaceship just happens to be a giant cube – boring to look at but signalling nonetheless – Cube of Saturn etc

They exchange bodies and have a hive mind and control species and engage in transhumanism to do so. All very current topics in our own technology right now. Borg = cyborg

I'm making a very brief reference in that summary position of other developments such as baby factories and artificial human milk factories that we're being told about that are being funded by the elite oligarch billionaires for inexplicable reasons, except the ones I've laid out. If we know they're trying to kill 95% of Natural born humans off then why are they creating baby factories and milk factories that don't require a human being in the chain?

Another example from Hollywood is the uploading and downloading of Ultron in Age of Ultron into new bodies.

I believe the gnostics were on the right track, more or less - Yahweh as a regional demiurge or lieutenant if you like of the extra dimensionals, and they equated Yahweh to Satan which is an equivalence to these beings

There are many very good questions and concerns about what is going on at CERN. Is it an earthquake causing Doomsday machine or a portal to make mass immigration by the extra-dimensionals easier? Or does it serve some other purpose? I don't think they're chasing down useless obscure subatomic particles for a trillionth of a second
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A video breakdown of the article shared above with more information on necromancy, transhumanism and demonic entities being channeled/released through quantum computing.
Forwarded from Benny G
Pretrib rapture is dispensational heresy. Leads people to passivity and inaction.
Belief dictates behavior. Christians who think that God expects us to sit on our heels nullify the new life in Christ they claim to have.
God's people (at least the ones who heed his commands) have always faithfully delivered his judgements.

Psalms 149:4-9
[4]For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.
[5]Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.
[6]Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;
[7]To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
[8]To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
[9]To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD.
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Christopher Wood goes in person to a city council meetup on public health and reads out the names of the jews behind covid and their dual-citizenship with Israel.

Follow him on GAB:
Forwarded from Revealerist
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Apparently this loud signal to cel phones in the US will last 30 minutes and will be repeated twice.

Specific sounds and vibrations can cause severe damage to your body and health. Knowing the sinister minds that are running the gov, everyone avoid this, as much as you can.

Credit: darkpredictions
Forwarded from Agents Of Truth
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Wonder what has happened over the past 3 years...

Remember when BiII Gates said in a seminar (yrs before Convid) that if they do a really good job with vaccines, they could lower the population down by 8 billion.

They had it all planned long ago.

Credit: coyotepassv
Forwarded from The Conspiracy Hole (Brody Hyde)
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Aliens Attack Village in Peru | Timothy Alberino - 🔗

Timothy Alberino and Doug Thornton do a deep dive into the alleged attack on a village in the Peruvian Amazon by extraterrestrial beings. Alberino relates the legend of the pelacaras (face peelers) and discusses the correlations between the Peru alien incident, the Las Vegas alien incident, and Phil Scheider’s encounter in Dulce, New Mexico.
Forwarded from Awake To Truth
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These dirt bags come in all races these days... If you're stuck on blaming a single group, it's time to wake up. They're everywhere.
We are fighting a spiritual battle against good vs evil. There are good and bad in all races. You must understand that when it comes to these satanic cuIts, their only loyalty is to their own [cuIt] members. They sell out without an ounce of guilt/empathy their own country men and women for the sake of their cuIt beliefs.
Once you understand this, you can remember not to trust anyone but those that are unshakeable in their belief in the Almighty in Heaven (God).

Credit: danielhcharIes
Forwarded from Revealerist
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Before Iahaina & every other so-called wild fire was this one. The hero speaking in the clip is no longer with us. Soon after this reveaI, his life ended suddenly.

Credit: Michelle Of Blossom Inner Wellness
Forwarded from Awake To Truth
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MoIoch, the ancient Caannonite deity of sacrifice (still one of the favorite dark deities worshipped by the many illuminati/masonic cults... like the giant owI in the woods at B●hemian Grove cuIt meetings) was featured at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago.

Right in the open in people's faces, showing the people that their satanic billionaires cuIt is in control.
All the diseases and mass deaths & injuries caused by their toxic injections (vax) knowingly, falsely marketed as good and necessary, crashing of economies, creating proxy wars to end more lives and destroy/pollute more of our once pristine Earth... famines, societal collapses by pushing degenerate behavior, foreign migrant invasions to weaken countries etc etc.
It's always been this group of satanic psychopathic and parasitic oligarchs, that steal&kiII to get rich.

Credit: hypnolysis
Forwarded from Awake To Truth
If you get a private message from our channel, ITS NOT OUR CHANNEL‼️

Our channel will never contact members. They're scammers. Please block and report them.

Sadly, the scammers do this to all Telegram channels.

Also, Telegram Channels cannot send private messages. If a channel sends you a private message, it's a person pretending to be a channel.

Do not engage in conversation with them and block.

Stay safe online 🤍
Love you Molly Anne
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The mark of the beast is here, all vaxxed will get the chip
Forwarded from Jacob Vicesmith
True life begins in the fire that burns in the eyes of God. Nowhere else.
Forwarded from Jacob Vicesmith